Marble Mountains in Danang City

There is a good news for tourists in Vietnam, who loves exploring the mountains because in Da Nang City, you can find a beautiful mountain, called the Marble Mountains. If you are in Da Nang City, you just need to go 9km to the southern part of the city along the Truong Sa beach and you can find this wonderful mountain in the district of Ngu Hanh Son. This beautiful mountain in the region is a known and a famous spot to travelers coming from different countries.

Danang city tour

Those who are planning to have a tour in the Marble Mountains are advised to get a tour guide or book a schedule from various trusted travel agencies. It will be best to ask for an agent that will guide you through your journey, rather than traveling alone in the Marble Mountains. It is also best to have a half day or a day tour, so that you can enjoy exploring the beauty of the place.

What makes it a wonder and a famous tourist spot? Isn’t amazing that the Marble Mountains are consisting of various mountains that are named after the elements, such as, the fire, wood, metal, water and earth. These mountains are called, the Mountain of Fire or Hoa Son, the Mountain of Wood or Moc Son, the Mountain of Metal or Kim Son, the Mountain of Water or Thuy Son and the Mountain of Earth or Tho Son. Continue reading