Types of screwdriver

In general, a screwdriver is different from each other in terms of its tip and what kind of screw it drives. The 2 most common tips are the slot head and the Phillips head.

  • Slot head or regular screwdriver

A slot head screwdriver is made with a flat blade which fits in the slot of any usual screws. In fact, it is the oldest and most common type of screwdriver in the market.

  • Phillips head screwdriver

A Phillips head screwdriver consists of a four-star point at the tip, which would fit in the corresponding shallow of the screw and cross-shaped depression. This shape allows you to use more torque than a flathead model.

While those are the most common kinds of screwdriver, some other types are available for various tasks. Continue reading

Why Home Constructors & Home Improvement Passionate Should Have the Basic Information about Best Framing Nailers?

Long time ago, people used to live in different caves or sometimes under an open sky. However, during this time people were aware or introduced to the civilization. Once they begun the home building, wood became the extremely vital part of the building material. People used hammers just for the sake of nailing that was truly time-consuming and hard job.

However, with the passage of time and due to technological advancements, truly amazing and remarkable products and devices have been introduced in home building material. Thus, framing nailer is among those materials.

Best framing nailers are considered as in important part of the wood structure building & people are able to accomplish the whole woodwork while building their home or even doing some, other major home repairs job without any problem. Continue reading


This machine is not so popular to people because many people still have a habit of using hand tools to screw for lower costs. However, the impact driver has a lot of advantages to help you make this task simpler and easier.

In order to fulfill the needs of screwing in family or repairing electronics or computers, today I would like to introduce to you the top 5 best cordless impact driver to choose.

First of all, I would like to list some of its criteria when choosing these machines:

  • Use battery only
  • Suit to use for family, electronic repairs and DIYers
  • Be sold with the combo of best accessories for you
  • Best seller on the market
  • Divide to many ranges of price for you to choose
  • Receive good reviews from previous buyers

Some notes when you want to buy and how to use this machine (this is just my personal opinion)

  • Do not expect too much on the best machine when you just have to spend a little of money to purchase.
  • Consider about the price and capacity of the machine. You should choose the machine with reasonable price and should not choose the cheap one.
  • Remember to charge the battery fully before using, especially in the first time of using.
  • Use the right way and follow the instruction label will help to increase the reliability of the machine as well as accompany accessories.
  • You can learn about how to take care of batteries to have the best performance of the machine.

Let’s start to review now:

  1. The handy JoustMax impact driver

Some comments:

  • Small design, convenient to use
  • Use 4.8V battery, continuous operation is about 20 – 30 minutes and it takes 5 – 6 hours to full charge
  • Maximum twist force 3Nm
  • Suitable for unheavy works such as repairing electronics, creating model, repairing household items, drilling screw into wood, aluminum and plastic
  1. Makita impact driver

Some comments about this machine Continue reading

5 cordless devices that could make your DIY project simpler

Cordless powerful devices provide you the availability and convenience to work anywhere you want. They are light weight compact, so that you could easily carry them around the working area. The followings are our top 5 cordless devices that would help make your DIY project go smoothly.

Cordless drill

Cordless drill comes in a wide range of size with various features and functions. In many cordless drill reviews, the most popular types are hammer drill drill driver, and impact driver. Each kind has various levels of drilling power and twisting force (power of rotation).

Drill driver is the most popular model in the market. It is perfect for many materials such as metals, plastics, plasters or woods, it also makes holes and drives screw in. Most versions have 2 speed choices and various settings of power for better control. The dimension of the chuck is changeable, thereby giving you more flexibility.

Hammer drill is used for tougher materials such as stones, masonries or concretes. It not only rotates like a drill driver, but it also has a hammer move to drill hole into concrete a lot more rapid. Continue reading