Types of screwdriver

In general, a screwdriver is different from each other in terms of its tip and what kind of screw it drives. The 2 most common tips are the slot head and the Phillips head.

  • Slot head or regular screwdriver

A slot head screwdriver is made with a flat blade which fits in the slot of any usual screws. In fact, it is the oldest and most common type of screwdriver in the market.

  • Phillips head screwdriver

A Phillips head screwdriver consists of a four-star point at the tip, which would fit in the corresponding shallow of the screw and cross-shaped depression. This shape allows you to use more torque than a flathead model.

While those are the most common kinds of screwdriver, some other types are available for various tasks.

Which screwdrivers should you have in your toolbox?

In fact, you do not need to have so many screwdrivers in a toolbox. The following is a recommended list of screwdrivers which will ensure that you can resolve any tasks happening at home.

  • Long square blade: This type would be especially useful for these tasks when you want to have a lot of driving power and torque.
  • Small and medium slot screwdriver
  • Cabinet screwdriver: It is often made with a thinner shank compared to other types of screwdriver, which will allow the tip to reach a screw in deep hole without any damage to the surrounding wood.
  • Medium Phillips driver
  • Short Phillips driver: You shoulduse it when you do not have enough space to for working.

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How to choose a suitable screwdriver?

The most common mistake that many operators make when applying a screwdriver is to use the wrong type for their task. As a result, they either damage a good screwdriver, or strip it, which makes it hard to remove. Follow those tips to avoid these problems.

  • Use the right slot head screwdriver for the right slot screw: You would think that this is obvious, but many people often take a Philips screwdriver to a flathead screw when they do not have one handy. This would make the screw stripping or damage the blade on the screwdriver.
  • Use the suitable size of tip:The tip of a screwdriver needs to throughly fill the slot that you are removing or driving. If it is too narrow, there would be significant loss of leverage when driving, which means that you will need to use more muscle for the process of driving the screw.

How to use a screwdriver?

  • Make a pilot hole:When you are driving a screw into wood, it is really important to drill a pilot hole at the beginning. Without a pilot hole, the screw tends to follow the wood’s grain, which leads to crooked screw. Therefore, a pilot hole will make sure that you would drive a screw in straight.
  • Start the screw:Put the screw on the tip of the driver and hold both tip and screw together with the fingers of your hand. Apply a little bit pressure on the driver when turning clockwise until the screw would engage the wood.
  • Keep driving:When the thread of the screw has engaged with the wood, you need to move the fingers which were holding the screw to the shank. Use those fingers as a guide to directly hold the tip in line with the screw. Use enough pressure to keep the driver in the place.

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