The Potential Risks Associated with the Formula

It is known that breast milk is the main source of nutrition for the newborn babies. Nonetheless, not all mothers are enough milk to offer the baby. Corresponding, using the extra formula for the baby is necessary. However, because of the powder milk, the potential risks to the health of the infant is difficult to avoid. Aside from considering sterilizing baby bottles, fathers and mothers should not miss these risks of the formula that parents are unexpected. Let’s see! choose best baby swing review

The Formula – The Potential Risks Related…

#1 – Make the formula improperly

Basically, the formula needs to have to make based on the use manual. Nevertheless, a couple of parents often make the mistake – they don’t carefully read the directions on the packing, especially, the foreign milk. In general, parents usually add a lot of water. This one makes the powder milk be diluted. There is also the main cause, which leads to a lack of nutrients in the formula, so the baby suffers from the malnutrition. On the contrary, some of other cases make less water. Accordingly, he/she refuses to eat and are easy to get dehydration, constipation,…

#2 – Illness

According to a large number of studies, the infants drinking the formula are often easy to get colds, allergies, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, otitis media,…, particularly, those babies from 2 – 7 months of age. Based on the surveys, they have shown that the incidence of otitis media is proportional to the amount of formula in the diet of the babies.

In addition to that, the infants feeding the formula also face the higher risk of obesity. According to a research in Germany, the obesity rate of the newborn babies fed powder milk instead breast milk is approximately 4.5 percent while the babies fed breast milk is about 2.8 percent. It is noticed that the babies drinking the formula also have the higher risk of diabetes in comparison with the normal babies. Correspondingly, parents should not be subjective thinking.

#3 – Poisoning

The majority of formula manufacturers have claimed that their milk producing process is closed, ensuring the food hygiene and safety as well as the quality. However, not all the manufacturers also provide the standard products as mentioned. The formula products will also contain the risks of contamination and poisoning. Therefore, when deciding to buy the powder milk, parents ought to check the labels, nutritional ingredients, expiry date, and especially, you must carefully read the use manual before utilizing. Like that, mothers are going to avoid the dangerous potential risks of the powder milk for your love infants.


It can say that the above information is the potential risks of the formula that the mothers are often the most unexpected. To protect the health of the babies, the mothers should only use the formula when their infants weaned or the breast milk is not enough for the babies.

Aside from that, it ought to read the manual a careful way before feeding the newborn babies. In case you choose to purchase the foreign formula, you need to require the sale staff, who translates the guides for you.

It hopes that fathers and mothers will have a right view on the formula. Let’s remember that the powder milk must be made as the guide. It avoids adding or reducing the amount. When buying, you should pick up the reliable brands. If you purchase online, you need to consider and consult the reviews of the consumers. Apart from, let’s learn plenty of information related to products in order to make sure the quality. Good luck!

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