How to take care your fish finder during the winter time

Winter is staying here with us. For fishermen, winter coming means some important to do. Firstly, the summer weather is changing and many types of fish will be lively active before the real cold is coming in the fall. Secondly, now you should prepare your boat to withstand cold winter conditions in the near future. That means you need to take care of fluids, batteries, electronics, fish finders, and trolling motors.

What is the reason you need to pay much money to invest on the best fish finder for harsh weather and cold temps basing on your local conditions? Whether you bought high-quality and expensive products or not, you also should take good care of them. To protect your electronics well, you certainly must follow the manufacturers’ instruction. However, honestly, how many anglers still keep the user manual? In this article, we gather great information to maintain fish finders.

Your fish finder

The fish finder helps you locate fish under the water by using sonar waves. Then, the display shows images and icons that you can define the types of fish and other objects in the water.

If you have gone fishing without catching a single fish, you’ll want the help of a fish finder. If you’re a professional fisherman, this device is an essential item of your fishing gears.

Fish finders can show the water depth, the bottom of the water, types of fish, and other objects in your fishing spot. Thus, you can get the better achievement and safer fishing trip in any destination whether it’s your local area or a new place you have firstly gone.

The weather resistance

Most fish finders are weather resistant like other fishing electronics that are designed to withstand different conditions when you aren’t in the water. These could be drizzle, fog, late afternoon rain, storm or changing air temperatures. The matter is you may spend that time only about a few minute to hours and you need covers to protect them until it ends.

In winter days, your boat can suffer from cold, moist, and light rain elements. Think of hardly fishing in the morning on the river or lake when your fish finder needs more time to perform the maximum effect. That will happen when your equipment runs during the cool morning with moisture in the cold air.

Thus, it’s very important to check on equipment and maintain them for the weather resistance every fishing day.


How to store well your fish finders? Some anglers owning a boat stores their electronic equipment in a bad condition with a loose fitting coat. And maybe some do better with heated rooms or garages, cover the devices and protect them in the storage facility at the harbor. Remember that it’s always best to follow these general instructions. Also, please take a consideration when you winterize your fluids and batteries.

Remove your fish finder and other electronic machines from the boat and store properly in a good place during the long break time. Do the same with your smaller trolling motors and battery operated devices. Plus, remove all batteries from the electronic devices such as flashlights and emergency handheld radios. Prevent the corrosion and store the portable electronics in their own cases or the protective boxes indoors.

For people who want to save time for removing electronics, you always can keep them in place. If your items need to be permanently installed or mounted and hard to remove, it’s good to store in place. However, you should ensure they stay in dry conditions. If you want a more protective method, you can cover the devices with thermal protectors. Don’t use materials like plastic or things that can capture water in the air and lead to condensation.

To sum up, for all serious anglers, fishing gears are more than only a favorite item.  They’re important investment and should be taken care well during the break times and winter period. When starting the typical winterizing for your boat, you should think about keeping different electronics maintained in these days, especially for your best fish finders and high-quality devices. A short time of effort after the fishing trip or before a long winter time possibly saves your budget and makes your precious equipment last longer.

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