So in this article, we will tell you two main things, which seem not related to each other, including parenting and longboarding. However, after reading the information below, you will see that it would be useful if you make a combination between good parenting and playing the longboard every day.

For all young parents, who have often been active, it is essential to find out a new way to activate more even when their kids have born. When it comes to the children, it is always beneficial for them to do a wide range of outdoor activities and have more fresh air.


In general, most of us know that there are a lot of longboard models available in the market with various features and designs. What the the Quinny company has added recently just another improvement to the typical type of longboard.

And that is the pushchair for your child. I always think that many young people, who show their interest in active sports, will bring their children by riding a longboard.

However, it is not really comfortable even if you could have pleasant moment together with your children. In addition, I must accept that it is very dangerous.

The recent longboard pushchair of Quinny company is a totally alternative, modern and new choice for moving in the city area. This type of pushchair would give you the opportunity to travel with your children in further distances. And as a longboard, it is definitely fun and environmentally-friendly.

The deck of a longboard pushchair is made with a drop form, which puts the trucks above the rider so that it would reduce centre of the gravity just like the way a typical longboard works.

Some features that you would notice on a typical longboard is the brake by hand and the adapted Zapp seat for the pushchair, which is placed at the front of the longboard.

The Quinny has fixed the price of this longboard pushchair at nearly 600 euros all over the Europe. However, due to a couple of changes on the safety laws of this product, there are still no specific plan to bring this product to the United states.

Is it safe to use?

As you would guess, this pushchair provides a wide range of safety characteristics to help you protect your children in a couple of dangerous situations. More specifically, it is made with a bar  for safety, which is placed at the front of the brake and the buggy that I have mention above.

Of course, while your children are taking a ride, they should also wear some protective gears, including the helmets. Some extra protective devices to protect the elbow and knees should also be used.

Though you would not need the long-term experience in skateboarding to use a longboard pushchair, the Quinny company highly recommends that you should practice at the beginning, and then get more pleasant moment with your children.

Detail descriptions

  • Unfolded pushchair:1350 (length) x 505 (width) x 1060 (height) millimeters
  • Folded pushchair:1350 (length) x 505 (width) x 365 (height) millimeters
  • Weight:10 kilograms
  • Limited weight for parents: less than100 kilograms
  • Limited weight for kid: less than 15 kilograms

In conclusion, after reading the information above, we hope to could have a better understanding on how a longboard pushchair works so that you could use it effectively to have pleasant moment with your children. Last but not least, you could look for more important features on to make a right buying decision and get the best longboard brands, thereby getting the most wonderful moment while using a pushchair.

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