The Weed Issue

Weeds always grow in your garden, whether you like it or not. They aggressively compete with lawn grass and plant for nutrient and water. In addition, they emerge everywhere and make your garden much less attractive. Thus, the only solution to this problem is to remove them.

The question is how can we eliminate the weeds effectively? Should we use the best weed trimmer? And how can we prevent them from growing back after removing?

Removing The Weeds

Generally, there are 3 basic techniques to eliminate the weeds:

  • Pull by hand
  • Remove with a hoe
  • Use the chemical substance

The perfect time for eliminating the weeds is when the ground is moist and damp. After a raining day is a great one for removing the weeds. Damp or moist soil is loose and makes it simpler to eliminate them with the root. Otherwise, you could face the risks of leaving their roots as they get stuck on the ground. If the ground is hard and there is no rain as forecasted for the next few weeks, you should consider watering the area and let the soil soak during the night before you begin to remove.

Pull the weeds by hand

The best way as well as also the hardest one is to pull the weeds by your hand. Bear in mind that to do this method effectively, you should eliminate all of the plant with the roots. For the weeds with shallow root, you could just hold the weeds by the stems and pull in a gentle way. For these with deeper ones such as dandelion, you have to take some excessive care when you remove them. You could use the small hoes to dig in the ground around the stems to loosen the surface.

Pull the weeds with a garden tool

Pulling the weeds by your hand is a time-consuming task. Another option is to use a gardening tool to do this. For the weeds with shallow roots, you could use the garden holes, but for the ones with deep root, I strongly suggest you to use a specific tool called the winging weeder.

To remove the weeds with a winging weeder, put the bottom of a blade right to the stems and then press it down to push it into the ground and then tip the winging weeder downwards the soil to pull root up.

Also note that using this device could take you a lot of time than using a traditional hoe since you have to eliminate every weed, but it definitely works better for a deeper root.

Use a chemical substance for weeding

If there is an enormous amount of weeds need to be removed with tool or manually, you could use some chemical substances and spray them directly on the weeds. It is, in fact, not environment-friendly, so just use it whenever you need. Some chemicals could remove a wide range of weeds such as clover, crabgrass or dandelion. These substances do not destroy the lawn. Or you could buy the concentrate and then mix it with the water to spray where it needs.

After covering with the chemicals, you could see the results in just one day. After the weed die, you will need to eliminate them by your hand, which is challenging, but much simpler than dragging the live weeds.

A disadvantage of those chemical substances is that they just remove what it covers rather than eliminate the weeds completely. Thus, make sure that you spay all of the surface of the weeds.

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