Why should you wear motorcycle helmet?

Wearing a helmet for motorbike drivers is covered by two considerations: legal and safety.

Things to keep in mind

– Do not rely on the brand or look to choose a helmet, but its technical characteristics.

– Almost all brands offer several ranges, from entry-level to high-end. Apart from some high-end brands (BMW or Schubert), all other full-face helmets offer from 150 to 200 euros.
Do not take less than 150 euros (excluding promotion); the quality may be affected.

– On the same market segment, the price difference is mainly on the novelty of the model.

After that, it is the wealth of features that play with or without anti-fog treatment, with or without vents, lockable or not, with or without display solar, removable or non-foams, removable screen or not, more or less easily, chin noise …
Third item price, the quality of finish: assembly, resistance varnish and paint, quality of exterior plastic parts and foams interior.

Some sellers say the fiberglass helmets would outperform polycarbonates (which would justify that they are more expensive), this proves quite false to use. Do not hesitate to make polycarbonate helmet all meet the same standards. For cons, the fiber helmets are lighter and therefore more comfortable on a long drive.

Proper wearing a helmet is mandatory!

The law states that a driver contravening these provisions is stripped of three points on his license, and his vehicle may be immobilized in the Code of the Road.

This penalty applies of course for non-use of helmets, but also:

  • if poorly covered (just laid on top of the skull)
  • not attached (chinstrap not closed)
  • if it is not approved
  • if it does not contain the four retro-reflective stickers,
  • or if it is obviously too large.

Moreover, in the case of an accident, helmeted failure motorcyclist will be held liable for insurance, resulting in a reduction of compensation for injuries. This drop compensation can also argue for a non-helmeted passenger.

Here is the letter of the law. But what is the mind?

Wearing a helmet is a measure of common sense!

The state requires us to protect ourselves because the head is the governing part of both the weakest and most exposed of our body. According to medical studies, the human skull can withstand a shock beyond 17 km / h without serious harm. This is probably why that footballers and boxers often end a little weak in the coffee…

Let’s be honest: this is not your little life that is important to the legislator. But biker is also a citizen, so a taxpayer, a worker, a member of society … in short, a source of wealth and a custodian.


Wear a helmet, therefore, falls within the civic and collective responsibility.

That said, at our level, all we care about is our little health, our desire to live in good, whole, surrounded by the love of our families and especially of a good beer.
And that’s good for a time, joined the collective interest of individual interest: wear a helmet also protects us. From there, impossible to refuse to wear a helmet … In the same logic, if one accepts to wear a shell on the head for our good, nothing can justify the refusal to maximum protection.

That’s why I cannot accept the attitude of wearing a helmet jet at least pass a helmet to his passenger or his kid. And I feel like spinning slaps “young wankers” I meet with just a helmet resting on the top of the head or worn jauntily well back or obviously too big or not attached.

Wear a clown hat; it will protect you as much, and you will have the least air con!

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