Can you image that how your kitchen area will be if you do not have vacuum sealer in the kitchen? I do and I do not like this image at all. After reading the food vacuum sealer reviews from other site, I found that I can not live without the vacuum sealer. In some special occasion or holiday, the vacuum sealer always stands in the kitchen. This machine can extend the life of any product such as meat, vegetable, fish and other food… In the supermarket or in the butcher, you can easily find the food after vacuuming and sealing.

The vacuum sealer machine can preserve the food for one year or even more if you need. This is helpful if you do not need to use the food right away after purchasing from the supermarket. You can see one example here, after 2 years of preservation by the vacuum sealer, the berries still look fresh just like it is stored one day before. However, if you try to preserve berries with a zip lock bag, the result will be totally different. You will have a bag of ice, not a bag of berries anymore. The same example with a bag of lettuce, I put a vacuum sealed bag of lettuce and a non – vacuum sealer bag of lettuce in the freeze as I think that I will use the second bag soon. That’s why I do not vacuum and seal it. It turns out that it is my mistake as the first bag is still in good condition while the second bag is frozen after just 3 months.

Therefore, today I list some usage of the vacuum sealer for all housewives know and use. I just want to take note some of the functions that a vacuum sealer can do. Let’s see it now.

1 – The first and the biggest function is food preservation

The vacuum sealer can be used to preserve many food products such as vegetables, fish, seafood, berries, chili, beans and many things else. You can put the food into the suitable size of bags after freezing it on the tray and then you process to vacuum and seal the bag. By this way, the food you preserved will not be a frozen block when you unlock the bag and you can pour any mount of this food as you want. If you have to open the preserved bag, you can seal it again by the same bag one or more time. With the remaining food, you can seal it in the suitable size of bag and reuse it whenever you want. You can place these bags in the fridge like bookshelf so it will take just small space in the fridge.

With some dry food such as fruits, flour, spices and even sugar… the life of these food will be extended more by the vacuum sealer.

2 – The second functions is to preserve the opened wine bottle, oil or even vinegar

After taking of the seal, most of the liquids have peak reduce in its life such as iol or vinegar and especially wine. With many people, they can not finish one bottle of wine in the evening so the most important thing they have to do is to preserve this bottle of wine for the next use. Now, you do not have to worry about this situation anymore as we have the vacuum sealer here. Just do it in a few second and you will have good wine all the time.

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