This machine is not so popular to people because many people still have a habit of using hand tools to screw for lower costs. However, the impact driver has a lot of advantages to help you make this task simpler and easier.

In order to fulfill the needs of screwing in family or repairing electronics or computers, today I would like to introduce to you the top 5 best cordless impact driver to choose.

First of all, I would like to list some of its criteria when choosing these machines:

  • Use battery only
  • Suit to use for family, electronic repairs and DIYers
  • Be sold with the combo of best accessories for you
  • Best seller on the market
  • Divide to many ranges of price for you to choose
  • Receive good reviews from previous buyers

Some notes when you want to buy and how to use this machine (this is just my personal opinion)

  • Do not expect too much on the best machine when you just have to spend a little of money to purchase.
  • Consider about the price and capacity of the machine. You should choose the machine with reasonable price and should not choose the cheap one.
  • Remember to charge the battery fully before using, especially in the first time of using.
  • Use the right way and follow the instruction label will help to increase the reliability of the machine as well as accompany accessories.
  • You can learn about how to take care of batteries to have the best performance of the machine.

Let’s start to review now:

  1. The handy JoustMax impact driver

Some comments:

  • Small design, convenient to use
  • Use 4.8V battery, continuous operation is about 20 – 30 minutes and it takes 5 – 6 hours to full charge
  • Maximum twist force 3Nm
  • Suitable for unheavy works such as repairing electronics, creating model, repairing household items, drilling screw into wood, aluminum and plastic
  1. Makita impact driver

Some comments about this machine

  • Convenience boxes
  • A lot of accessories kit to choose
  • Extremely suitable for family needs
  • Famous brand name so the quality is quite good
  • Reasonable price compare to performance
  • Make sure to fully charge of battery before using
  1. Bosch impact driver

Some basic comments

  • Famous brand name so you can believe its quality
  • Alert lamp about battery status, protection techniques to against energy losses
  • Enough capacity to satisfy all the needs of family
  • Able to drill and twist screw at the same time
  • Reasonable and certain design of handles
  • If you want to buy a handy impact driver for family usage or DIYers, this is the most worth machine to buy at this time
  1. Bosch impact driver GSR 3.6V

The next candidate belongs to the Bosch brand. It does not have a huge box like the above machine because all features are combined to its body.

Its advantage is simple to change the screw top with just a few steps. It also has the ability to recharge in 1 hour. Moreover, it is prepared the system protects the battery against overload so you do not worry about the safety. In general, this product is suitable to screw in wood and walls but it can not be used as a drill because it do not have drill feature. It is just a simply impact driver so it completes the job of screw in the perfect way. You can recognize its features through the design.

Frank Colin is me, a DIYer. As you know, to be a DIYer is not easy at all. We should learn a lot of things to create beautiful products by ourselves. In order to be well preparation DIYer, I just want to share my tips in power tools, home improvement, DIY… You can find it useful and creative and use it in your life. Hence, you can create some beautiful products or furniture as the present for your family and friends.

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