5 cordless devices that could make your DIY project simpler

Cordless powerful devices provide you the availability and convenience to work anywhere you want. They are light weight compact, so that you could easily carry them around the working area. The followings are our top 5 cordless devices that would help make your DIY project go smoothly.

Cordless drill

Cordless drill comes in a wide range of size with various features and functions. In many cordless drill reviews, the most popular types are hammer drill drill driver, and impact driver. Each kind has various levels of drilling power and twisting force (power of rotation).

Drill driver is the most popular model in the market. It is perfect for many materials such as metals, plastics, plasters or woods, it also makes holes and drives screw in. Most versions have 2 speed choices and various settings of power for better control. The dimension of the chuck is changeable, thereby giving you more flexibility.

Hammer drill is used for tougher materials such as stones, masonries or concretes. It not only rotates like a drill driver, but it also has a hammer move to drill hole into concrete a lot more rapid.

Impact driver is made to drive screw in more quickly. It is perfect for woods and metals, they are more powerful with more control. It is also equipped with a hexagonal outlet for this drill bit, which you could change out rapidly.

Angle grinder

Angle grinder is really flexible for any users. I could sand, cut, polish and grind a wide range of material such as paver, metal, and tile.

Accessory or part could be altered easily. Wheel comes in various thicknesses to suit particular jobs. The handle could be changed to both side of the device to suit left-handed as well as right-handed user. In addition, a safety guard could be changed to the perspective you need.

Multifunction equipment

Multifunction equipment could be used for a wide range of job. The swinging head could be matched with various accessories or cutters to grind, scrape, sand, and more. You could change the position of blade to go through area that other devices would not.

The changing pace (move from side to side) is variable to provide more control over your tasks. The faster the pace, the more energy you have but you could reduce it for more complicated jobs.

Buzz saw

Buzz saw is suitable for cutting deeply into materials. It could make straight and quick cut and would be used to create bevel cut. A cordless version is most suitable to wood because of the limitation of its battery.

You could change the depth or angle of the cutting, based on specific job. And speaking of the energy, the bigger the RPM (revolutions per minute), the more efficiently the buzz saw operates.


A cordless sander is suitable for complex tasks and smooth materials. It is a quicker method to sand and perfect for confined working areas.

Most versions have various paces to have more control. In addition, the pad for sanding is detachable to adjust the sandpaper grades, based on the project and how flat the material you want. It also has incorporated dust collector.

Choose the most suitable cordless equipment

When going for a cordless device it is essential to take power, flexibility, pace and weight into consideration. In most situations, the higher the voltage of the battery; the more energy it could have. Nevertheless, the size of battery could affect its weight too.

In addition, consider if it has a brushless or brushed or engine as it could help you to improve efficiency and running time.

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