Home Charging Stations For Your Electric Automobile

Posted by admin on Saturday 27 July 2013

These days, more and more people have begun to purchase electric automobiles as opposed to traditional cars that run on fuel. There are a number of reasons as to why this is the case, but for the most part, people who purchase electric cars do so as a way of saving money on fuel and helping out the environment. After all, electric cars run a lot cleaner and do not have carbon dioxide emissions like a standard vehicle that runs More …

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You have probably heard all the buzz about hybrid and electric vehicles, but what really makes them different and better for the environment than gas powered cars? The real difference is how the cars are powered. Traditional gasoline automobiles are powered by gas, while electric cars are powered by electricity and hybrid vehicles are run by electricity and fuel.

Gasoline-powered cars are bad for the environment because of all the chemicals that they put into the atmosphere from the More …

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Electric cars deliver many benefits for both the driver and the environment. Read on to learn why your next car should be an electric one.

Energy Security

Last year, the US imported nearly half of the petroleum it consumed. Two-thirds of the total was was due to transportation, and much of the petroleum came from politically volatile countries. As a result, the US is vulnerable to supply disruptions and price spikes.

Electric cars reduce our reliance on foreign oil and boost energy security.Is this new to you? Catch up here The cars require More …

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How The Environment Benefits From Re-usable Shopping Bags

Posted by admin on Saturday 23 June 2012

America uses more than 380 billion grocery bags each year, and a majority of them are never reused or recycled. So where do they go? They either end up in the trash or floating down the freeway on a current of wind. Our Earth isn’t a giant garbage pit, but we are quickly turning it into one. In order to stop this process the development of reusable shopping bags came around. This has helped eliminate the large amount of bag usage because More …

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Environmental Advantages Of Using Paper Bags Versus Plastic

Posted by admin on Saturday 9 June 2012

Today, it seems that the fad is to be as “green” as possible. This is one fad that should be part of every day life. There are many advantages to helping the environment, and one is done during a trip to the grocery store. When the cashier asks you if you want paper or plastic, go with paper. There are environmental advantages to choosing paper bags over plastic, and one important thing to understand is: Plastic is not More …

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The Ways Recycling Helps Better Our Environment

Posted by www.ecosourceonline.com on Sunday 27 May 2012

As part of the “reduce, reuse and recycle” mantra chanted by environmentalists and concerned citizens alike, recycling ensures that earth and its resources will stay around for a long time to come. As technology advances, many items can be recycled. Just look at almost any container, and you should find its recycling status indicated by an icon and number imprinted at the container’s bottom.

Recycling does more than just reduce the amount of material thrown haphazardly into landfills. By recycling, you cut down on the resources used by More …

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Which Types Of Glass Are Recyclable

Posted by admin on Saturday 26 May 2012

Recycling is a pretty big thing these days. More and more people are starting to notice that the environment isn’t in terribly good shape, and are trying to do something about it. Therefore, recycling – or re-using certain materials that are not biodegradable – is becoming more and more popular. Among the various materials that people try to recycle most frequently is glass. For example, certain beer manufacturers will offer bargains to people who bring in their used bottles. Other people will More …

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